Cabinodd was created by Ella Buzo in 2003 as an extension of a popular art links website which featured surrealistic, unconventional, wonderful contemporary art. This was followed in 2005 by a desire to provide a real-life platform for artists and the launch of Cabinodd Collections. The concept for the gallery was based on the 'Kunst-und Wunderkammer' or 'Cabinet of Curiosities'; personal collections of man-made and natural objects to wonder at and about. Artists collaborating with Cabinodd are known for their high level of technical skill, off-beat and often challenging subject matter. Cabinodd's belief in its roster of artists as well as the desire to promote high quality work, has led to a broadening of activities to incorporate curating and consulting. Its mission was to champion the work of innovating contemporary artists and a genre-expanding work that continue to enrich the art world today. Collaboration with other galleries, cultural entrepreneurs and art professionals is a key ingredient in all Cabinodd projects.

Cabinodd gallery was until 2013 located in the heart of the cultural district in Enschede, the East Netherlands. As of 2013, the owner Ella Buzo has focused on her full time job organizing exhibitions in TETEM art space. She continues to curate exhibitions. Visit the home page for an update on the current projects.