Ella Buzo is the founder and owner of Cabinodd, freelance curator and staff member at TETEM art space. Below is a selection of her past curatorial projects. Visit the news sections for the running exhibitions.

User Generated Art

Co-curated with Wilja Jurg
Exhibition period: 24 September - 18 December 2011
Artists: Theodore Watson, Kyle McDonald, Navid Nuur, Kimchi and Chips, Hieke Pars, Tomohiko Hayashi, Kensuke Sembo & Tomohiko Koyama
Location: TETEM art space, Enschede, The Netherlands

‘User Generated Art' is an international exhibition in which the audience plays a unique and important role in creating an artwork. Their photos, video’s, sounds, objects and stories are used or translated by the artists as an integral part of the final artwork. The exhibition title refers to the term 'user-generated content' and explores the boundaries between interactive artworks. The exhibition asks which role the visitors and artists play and which aesthetics emerges from this collaboration. Here’s an impression of some of the works:

Navid Nuur invites the visitors to shoot with arrows made from exhibition posters and various art magazines. The print work of the exhibition is an integral part of the artwork, as well as the participation of the visitor, from whom Nuur expects an interactive role. His artwork titled ‘Distant relations between lovers could fail by the lack of your true focus’ asks the viewer to explore the relation between artists, the public and printed material like posters, catalogues and magazines.

‘Portrait Machine’ by Theodore Watson and Kyle McDonald is an interactive photography installation that visualizes the connections between visitors. It makes these connections based on a number of features, such as clothing choice, hair color, facial expression, and composition within the frame. It presents both similarities and differences in these characteristics, reminding us of our connectedness and uniqueness, creating strong visual patterns and playful juxtapositions.

Another participant is the artist duo Kimchi and Chips with their interactive installation called 'Link' in which people can record their own images and stories into a cityscape of cardboard boxes. Participants approach the kiosk to record a video of themselves which is stored and replayed through the sculpture. Link was created for Design Korea 2010, as an interpretation of 'Convergence', the theme of the exhibition.

Read more about this exhibition and other artists at (Dutch only).

Kimchi and Chips Navid Nuur IS Parade Theodore Watson Hieke Pars

Chilling effects

Exhibition period: 21 April - 29 May 2011
Opening and lab-event: 21 April 6 PM
Artists: anonymous
Location: TETEM art space, Enschede, The Netherlands

This exhibition explores the 'chilling effect' in derivative media art and discusses the thin line between artistic expression and violation of intellectual property rights of games, movies, public figures, famous artists and people in public spaces. In which cases can you get sued as a media artist? And is the Dutch law in need of an update?

A few examples: Mediamatic almost got sued by McDonalds and Hema, artist Jonas Staal ended up in jail, Nadia Plesner Joensen had to fight Louis Vuitton and Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico are currently in the line of fire. The new poster image of Art Amsterdam made by Jasper de Beijer is another example of the twilight zone between artistic expression and law. Supporting the exhibition concept, the artists have decided not to mention their names. The artworks are inspired by brands and names like Alice in Wonderland, Space Odyssey, Dali, Hitler, McDonalds, Freemasonry and Facebook. On view are controversial installations, video and photo works, staged photography, 3D and c-prints and old school ‘copy art’.

The exhibition opens on 21 April 2011 at 6PM, followed by the lab-event at 7 PM with: Quirijn Meijnen (attorney at law office Meijnen), Barry Spooren (project manager Incubate Pirate Conference 2010) and Paolo Cirio (artist Face to Facebook project). Feel free to join the discussion and take the opportunity to ask questions about artistic and legal matters! Check out

Chilling effects Chilling effects Chilling effects Chilling effects Chilling effects

Virtual Museum

Exhibition period: 15 - 23 May 2010
Artists: 50 participating artists from Enschede
Location: Art Pie, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hylozoic Soil

Exhibition period: 26 September - 8 November 2009
Artist: Philip Beesley, Waterloo Architecture
Location: Medialab Enschede, The Netherlands

Philip Beesley Philip Beesley Philip Beesley Philip Beesley Philip Beesley


Exhibition period: 4 - 20 September 2009
Artist: Boris Debackere
Location: Medialab Enschede, The Netherlands

Probe Probe Probe Probe Probe

Dream creatures

Exhibition period: 27 March - 3 May 2009
Artists: Takahiro Matsuo, Quay Brothers, Tim Knapen and Jasper Kuipers
Location: Medialab Enschede, The Netherlands

Matsuo Takahiro Matsuo Takahiro Jasper Kuipers Tim Knapen The Brothers Quay

Nemo Observatorium

Artist: Lawrence Malstaf
Exhibition period: 4 - 21 December 2008
Location: Medialab Enschede, The Netherlands

Nemo Observatorium Nevel Compass Boreas Shrink

30 years stencil art

Artist: Hugo Kaagman
Exhibition period: 1 - 28 December 2007
Location: Vrije Ruimten Enschede, The Netherlands

Hugo Kaagman Hugo Kaagman Hugo Kaagman Hugo Kaagman Hugo Kaagman